Learning compilers, interpreters, code generation, virtual machines, assemblers, JITs, etc
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An incubator/sandbox for learning compilers, interpreters, code generation, virtual machines, assemblers, JITs, etc.

Hacks that have grown into separate projects:

  • x86/hasm: a simple x86 assembler written in Haskell, for now it’s opcode set is very limited;
  • fp/secd: implementation of SECD virtual machine in C with a Scheme-to-SECD compiler;

Some protoprojects that may be interesting:

  • fp/tapl: reimplementation of some typecheckers from TAPL (in Haskell/Prolog), e.g. fullsimple.
  • llvm/kldscp: LLVM tutorial, JIT compiler of a toy language Kaleidoscope;
  • forth/mips/mforth.S: rewrite of the awesome jonesforth from x86/Linux to MIPS/Linux (tested on CI20);
  • c/longjmp/x86: a hackish reimplementation of setjmp/longjmp compliant to GCC x86 ABI;
  • zoo/{calc, miniml, minihs, miniprolog, boa}: a mirror of the awesome PLZoo ;
  • rel/chr: small Constraint Handling Rules examples;